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From the desk of Earma Brown

Dear Soon-To-Be eBook Author,

ebookitologyThe experts finally agreed on something. Creating an ebook using your information is one of the fastest and most profitable ways to make money online. You don’t have to worry anymore about whether your message is significant – Thousands will pay for your unique knowledge. Publish your ebook and let fame take its sweet time with coming to you – Most traditional publishers are only interested in someone that is already famous anyway.

Become an expert in your field – An ebook will create almost instant credibility and trust with your clients. Maybe you are like I was for years. For years, I said I am not a professional writer. Can I even write a good book? I let the years slip by while working at a corporate job full-time thinking I didn’t have the time to write a successful book. I was used to living little chunks of my life at one time…

It gradually came to my attention, what was going on around me. Maybe you haven’t noticed either. But I know I can’t assume everyone is like me, you may know this already. When I published my first ebook, a new world opened up to me. I realized there’s an Information Revolution exploding across the globe.

You know how it is, you paid little attention to the Lexus 300 or the Chrysler 300 until you got one. Then you saw them everywhere. I found out ebook sales are still growing in recent years. The largest growth area in publishing is currently eBooks.

  • E-books have found their place in the hearts of American bookworms – 13 percent of book readers in the U.S. stated they read more e-books than hard copy books, and 15 percent read about the same number of hard copy books and e-books. In 2016, about 73 percent American book consumers stated they read books in any format, and about 30 percent stated reading at least one e-book in the past year. This consumption also has a positive reflection on revenue generation. Between 2013 and 2018, revenue from e-book sales in the U.S. is forecast to nearly double.
  • The e-book industry is here to stay, showing healthy projections. By 2018, e-book sales are forecast to account for about a quarter of global book sales. Consumer e-books alone are projected to generate nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2018.
  • The eBook industry still represents a whopping $7+ billion in yearly sales…

So, here are some good reasons for you to join the Information Revolution (before its too late) using your existing knowledge, experience and expertise.

  • You could finally invest in some things you have been waiting to afford.
  • You make life long passive income.
  • You can slow down with the hoop jumping to attract traditional publishers.
  • You eliminate the profit-eating middleman and keep all the profits.

Anyway, back to me living chunks of my life. I never really fully lived doing anything that I had passion for. I would always hold back because of fear. I was afraid things wouldn’t turn out right, it wouldn’t be good enough. Everyone would know what I suspected my attempts at completing a successful project (profitable venture) would end up with a big fat stamp FAILURE written on it sooner or later.

Until I said no more. I am taking charge of my destiny. I am going for the whole ENCHILADA – no more piece meal life for me. No more live a little and save the rest for when I get time, money or even the courage. I decided to live life fully and do all the things I had been saving for later out of fear.

Creator of! How to Profit
From Your Passion with e-Books & ‘Create A Passive Income Stream’

Hi, I’m Earma Brown. I’m a twelve book and 30 e-book authorpreneur under my name and various pen names. I love to develop resources that help you as an author, entrepreneur, business professional and aspiring author deliver your message effectively and then make money using your information.

You can do it too you know. With a pass to my newest resource, an membership – you can transform your information and knowledge to help others into an ebook. Before you read on to find out how I turned my 15 plus years of experience and knowledge of writing print and ebooks into a profitable venture, take a look at the myths below. I busted these myths about writing, completing and selling an ebook fast. After I took charge of my life and did what I was dreaming and planning, here’s what I found out:

bulletdot1Myth #1 It’s too time consuming to write a book (ebook) while working full-time.

Solution: It’s not too time consuming if you write it the easy way. Using your existing knowledge in your (niche or passion) with a little research as filler and writing for short periods of time a day or a week. Using Earma’s speed writing techniques and easy formulas you could have your ebook, written and published online, profiting fast – in as little as a weekend to 14 days – even faster if you’re committed.

bulletdot1Myth #2 Self-Publishing is too expensive.

Solution: The Information Age has brought in a breath of fresh air called Information Publishing. When you hear Info Publishing these days – its usually referring to electronic publishing (ebooks, software). In the membership discover some easy and even free to low budget ways to get started. For some all it will cost you is a small time investment to cash your knowledge and expertise for BIG results…

bulletdot1Myth #3 Can I make my book long enough to be significant?

Solution: Write a short book of five to ninety-nine pages. Appeal to an online audience that’s searching for to-the-point solutions. They aren’t looking for long encyclopedia type books to solve their problems. Book Coach and Internet Marketing expert, Earma Brown can help you write a short insightful book from start to completion. Do what you do best and (delegate/outsource) or barter the rest.

bulletdot1Myth #4 Though a professional, can a non-techie and newbie like me effectively promote my ebook?

Solution: Be open to a different way. Discover how to promote & even get free publicity on the Internet the easy way. Market online where large audiences in your niche are looking for your unique information.

bulletdot1Myth #5 Can I write an ebook that will be interesting enough?

Solution: Don’t worry. It’s the passion for your topic that creates interest and a salable book.Give your topic the test of significance. Earma Brown outlines a simple way to test the significance of your book’s topic.

“Earma, I got your materials some months ago and I am happy to say that I got my first book published! I also have a couple of ebooks and e-courses for CPAs out there. I just want to thank you for getting me inspired and for giving me cool ideas…”
Sheila Shanker, Author, CPA, Accounting University Instructor

How I Discovered a Way to eBook Your Passion and Profit From It!”
by Earma Brown, 12 book authorpreneur, creator of & indie publisher

I created the Ebookitology program especially for authors, speakers, coaches, service professionals, change agents and anyone who’s ready to ebook their information, expertise and experience to make a big difference while being paid royalties. You’ll learn my clear, PROVEN, 7-Module plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to make money with your knowledge and expertise, inside an ebook while you create passive income streams from each ebook and each platform you set up.

If you’re one of the many people who have manuscripts, folders of information, bodies of knowledge and you’re trying to figure out how to pull it all together and make money from it or you’re frustated from getting bits and pieces of information here and there; you’re just ready to go by a system, this is EXACTLY the training you’ve been looking for.

In fact, I’m going to teach you my VERY SUCCESSFUL strategies on how to create passive income producing ebooks that you and your readers love. What do I mean by passive income? It starts with an ebook that LEVERAGES your experience, knowledge, and expertise. You create a quality, helpful, problem solving or short novel ebook that you take the time to setup on one or multiple ebook retailers’ website and many people buy it over and over again. As result, YOU receive montly income from it (your ebook).

Just so you’ll know what to expect inside this course:

Module 1  Ebookitlogy and YOU

ebookitology1200With the Ebook Revolution exploding across the globe, there’s a lot of information out there. I created my first profitable ebook back in 2000 for a tiny niche that’s small enough but big enough. As a way to help and educate my clients, I developed the website for them and anyone needing clarity on how to get an ebook up and working for them quickly. No, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even with ebooks, it’s best to work on creating a quality ebook, follow good business practices and incorporate what works best for you in the ebook world and market. So, first of all we’ll take a moment to talk about the basics: What is an ebook? What is Ebookitology? The different formats available to you. Where will you sell your ebook? What will this course cover and more including outsourcing tips and ebook marketing (where and how you want to promote your ebook after it’s done)

Use Insider Knowledge To Put You Way Ahead Of The Crowd – You can partner with an expert ebookitologist that can point to the easiest, shortest, and most profitable ways to write and publish your ebook(s).

 Expeditor Tools: Checklist, Open Office (PDF) ebook templates, MS Word for (PDF) eBook Templates, MS Word (Kindle eBook Template)

 Stelios Nicolaou, Author : Through your (book writing)  materials, I have managed to finish my book: Depression: My Witness, Your Solution (Five easy steps to reprogram your little, inner voice and set your mind free.) Thank you very much for all the assistance you have given me either from your articles, or from the ebooks I have purchased from you in the past…

This step-by-step training will show you how you, too, can easily write, complete and publish your ebook. I developed the eBookitology™ training system to teach you how to create your own ebook from a weekend to 30 days.

That means a new income stream in less than 30 days!

Sign up today and get started writing and completing your very own ebook in less time than ever!

Module #2: Plan Passive Income Stream

6-MoneyFind the big idea. Do your keyword research. Create a passive income stream with each ebook and on each platform starting with the Amazon Kindle. You’ll find out how in this module. You set your book up for success with including targeting your niche with a big idea and supported with your audience keywords. The books that tend to do well on Kindle are very targeted books. For example, you’re more likely to succeed with a book called “40 Travel Tips for Malaysia” than a book called “101 Travel Tips.” The specific does better than the general. So, instead of releasing one “end all be all” book, you may be better off with two or three smaller books that target very specific audiences.

Discover Insider Tips On How People Are Creating Passive Income Streams – Learn how to find out what information people are searching for in your area of expertise or industry and provide it in your ebook. (Implement these tips in your chapters and your readers will keep reading your book from beginning to end; then tell their friends about YOUR helpful and compelling book.)

 Expeditor Tools:  iBook Tutorial, Nook Tutorial; Comparison Chart of iBook, Amazon & Nook

Module #3:  Prep To Publish A Best Seller

amazon-bestseller-200Whether or not your ebook will sell well in large part comes down to four elements, the title, the description, the category and the cover. A sizzling title will move thousands of copies; while a title that’s boring will sit on the virtual shelf with no sales with the same principles and general information as its competitor’s ebook. Titles generally aren’t “okay” or “good” – They either sell or they don’t sell. In other words, they’re either great or they don’t work at all.

The same goes for descriptions. A compelling description should make your eyes light up with excitement. People who read your description should be eager to read the rest of your ebook. The reason categories are critical because it helps your ebook connect with the right audience. It’s not a good idea to guess on which category to use; do your homework first.  The course and tutorials are designed to help you come up with a stellar title, a great description and a category that facilitates sales. It even includes a Ebook Cover 101 tutorial, and where to go for DIY software and outsourcing…

Use A Step By Step Approach To Building A Super Seller ebook. You’ll be amazed by how much these simple builder principles will alleviate the stress of writing.

 Expeditor Tools: Book Title Tutorial, eCover 101 Tips Sheet, KDP Tips Sheet, Kindle Best Seller Blueprint including how to put your select keyword in these elements to help push your ebook to the top

Module #4: Pen Your eBook (Write)

e-writer-200Use a power outline. Structure your book for easy writing and most importantly, easy reading. Write the book itself. We give you a couple of sound techniques that can speed this process up.  Even a couple you’ll remember from our print book writing course. Then you, write, rewrite and rewrite again until you truly have a blockbuster hit. A big part of Kindle success comes from reviews.

If people say positive things about you on in their reviews, you have a much higher chance of making more sales in the future. The secret to great reviews is writing a great book. So really pour your heart and soul into making your book as great as it can possibly be. Remember, I said this earlier. It’s worth repeating. Even with ebooks, it’s best to work on creating a quality ebook, follow good business practices and incorporate what works best for you in the ebook world (techniques and technologies) and market.

TAKE  THE PAIN OUT OF WRITING WITH EASY STEPS – For once, it can be less pain more gain; learn there’s only one difference between   you and published authors. You must learn this before you even think of writing a successful ebook.

 Expeditor Tools: EZ Outline Tutorial, How To Mine The Gold Called Your Body of Knowledge, Experience & Expertise Lesson

Module #5: Place (Format) Your Ebook (Format)

4-FormatYou have two choices with formatting your book. You can outsource it or do it yourself.

Format your book for the Kindle. That means placing your guide items in the right place, inserting page breaks between chapters, inserting your table of contents and making sure your images are formatted correctly.

There are many resources online about how to format a Kindle book. Inside the Ebookitology course, we provide tutorials, a template to jumpstart your formatting and we also refer you to our outsource list to get it done for you, all designed to help make the process easier. We understand and have clients that are busy executives who pass the information their VAs or designated person. So, if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, just pay someone else to do it.

Discover Easy Tips To Format Your Ebook Faster– Learn how plug and publish your information inside the Kindle template provided or outsource to professionals that will do it for you. (Implement these tips in your ebook and publish multiple ebooks to create an ebook series that you and your readers love!)

 Expeditor Tools: Kindle Template, Ebook Outsourcing Rolodex, 7 Step Formatting Tutorial for Kindle & Nook

Module #6: Publish (How To Upload)

eBookAfter you have your formatted book saved and your carefully-thought-out Title and Description ready to copy-paste, you’re ready to upload. Amazon has made it easy for its Kindle publishers. But just so you don’t have to think about it, we offer a tutorial plus done for you services and outsourcing recommendations to walk you through uploading your book. Additionally, we point you directly to their website full of helpful articles and help section.

 Expeditor Tools: Kindle Publishing Checklist, Nook Publishing Checklist, 8 Step iBook Tutorial

Module #7: Promote Your Ebook (1 Page Ebook Marketing Plan)

One big mistake people make is thinking that Kindle books promote themselves. This just isn’t true. Yes, the Kindle market is big and yes, you can get in front of people who wouldn’t have heard about you before. However, in order to really get people to buy your book you need to make an effort to get your book out there. Start by using our one page ebook marketing plan, you will be doing things like sending your link to your ebook to your own social network and to your own list. Promote it on your Facebook pages and your Twitter accounts. Browse Kindle forums and become an active user in the Kindle community. Review other people’s books and ask them to do the same for yours. There’s a whole list for you to act on check off when you’re finished instead of trying to re-invent the wheel every week on what to or how to promote your ebook to new sales.

DEVELOP MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME through follow-up information ebooks using your core information when you learn the easy way to connect with customers. This was unheard of before the Information Age. (Don’t miss the opportunity inside this course to develop your very own ebook series right after or even before you finish your first ebook – I’ll show you all the steps.)

 Expeditor Tools: One Page Ebook Marketing Plan

***Membership includes MS Word, OpenOffice ebook templates***

An! Membership will help you build crediblity.

Publishing a Kindle book isn’t difficult. People think it’s very technical and hard, when in reality Amazon has gone out of their way to make it as simple as possible. So what are you waiting for? There’s a wide open market waiting for your content! The course & membership will help implement your ebook as one of the main elements of your marketing plan for your business, book or product. It will increase your visibility and the bottom line of your business or product. It will attract new business. It will provide the guide to turn your knowledge, experience & expertise into a profitable ebook.

The How to Profit from Your Passion With Ebooks & Create A Passive Income Stream (membership) features:

Sbulletdotimple plan – Every business endeavor needs a solid plan to guide
you to success.

bulletdotProfitable habits to implement – Excellence is a habit. Practice good
habits and you will become excellent.

bulletdotHow to organize your ebook – Discover how to organize your ebook for easy reading.

bulletdotHow to design your ebook for PDF – Find out the best way to design
your book for pdf formats.

bulletdotHow to format or outsource your ebook for Kindle and ePub  – Learn the dynamic elements that
can be included in your ebook for maximum sales.

bulletdotHow to speed write your ebook – Speed write your ebook in excellence for faster profits.

bulletdotTwo popular formats pros and cons – Discover the pros and cons of selecting either format.

bulletdotAutomate your payment process – Know how to put your payment process on cruise pilot. And collect payments in your account from all the others

The How to Profit From Your Passion With Ebooks & Create A Passive Income Stream is a course & membership with that shows you step by step how to create an ebook using your information to make money online.

Just for ordering now you will receive a course loaded with step by step instruction and tools to help you create your very own ebook profit center.

buy-red$197 $97! How to Profit From Your Passion with Ebooks & More.”

Simple Tips to Profit From Your Passion with an eBook!

People are willing to PAY for information. And information is delivered via YOUR eBook. You write it, the eBook Creator Toolkit publishes it. Digital publishing (publishing in eBook format) is now the number one best selling product on the Internet. These products are in-demand and highly sought after. Get this “eBook It! Ten Tips to Profit From Your Passion” ekit and you will receive the ability to:
  • Create YOUR ebook with a step by step plan
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Eliminate the profit-eating middleman and keep all the profits
  • Spend less time writing and promoting
  • Make life long passive income
  • Finish your ebook fast and profit sooner

So, what else can you do with your eBooks?

bulletdot1Create a product to SELL online and keep 100% of every penny you earn. Sell reprint rights and earn even more. (NOTE: Reprint rights is a license that allows other people to sell your products and keep the money they earn. Some eBook authors sell reprint rights to their  eBooks from $97 to $697 PER LICENSE. You can see how this adds up to a lot of money!)

bulletdot1Create viral marketing tools to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website. You can use your eBooks as “freebies” to bring in thousands of extra visitors to your website EVERY MONTH. For more information on how to do this, visit

bulletdot1Create exclusive bonuses to give away when someone purchases through your affiliate link. You can develop your own excluisve eBook to GIVE away as a bonus for any purchases made through your affiliate link to whatever program you choose. Commissionable sales have jumped as high as 1500% when coupled with a free incentive. Why order through someone else, when they can obtain a free, high-quality eBook when they purchase a product through YOUR affiliate link?

Those are just a FEW of the things you can do with your own eBooks. I’m sure you can just take a look on the web and see dozens of other ideas that you can apply almost instantly.

Just think, you don’t have to sit on the side lines anymore watching the parade (successful marketers) go by. You can lead the parade with your own viral ebooks spreading over the internet like wild fire.

How Much Is This Worth?

How much would you pay? $197, $127…all prices I could charge and sell lots of courses. But I am offering this ecourse with all of the bonuses including the templates and tools for an special price of only $197 $97.

buy-red$197 $97 Special Offer – Membership (Updated).

Expeditors & Maximizers Bonus Summary

Join the Information Revolution & Get Your membership today

Here’s some more reasons to get access now to the ‘ membership:

  • Ebook it ebook – How To Profit from Your Passion with Ebooks & More
  • Information to Income – Selling E-books: Rake In Ebook Sales With Your Very Own Cash Machine. (How to add magnate bonus value to your ebook & sell more ebooks)
  • Create Yet Another Profit Stream! Develop Your Informative Ebooks Into Other Products one by one.
  •  Information to Income – How to Write Articles in 30 minutes using the 21 tiny article templates inside this report that gets BIG results–then combine & transform them into ebooks!
  • Information to Income Ecourses designed to walk you step by step into creating ecourses.
Bonus Ebooks (value $79.99)
ebookit-cover-front100 1-infotoincomesellingebooks 1-21infoproducts2 ecover-infotoincometemplate 1-ecourses1
Bonus #1 EZ Kindle Publishing, Nook + iBook Publishing Tutorials along with 4 Kindle Publishing Tutorials (Value $120)

Learn How to Publish Your Content Through the Nook & iBook Markets. Create two other Revenue Streams for Your Book or in Business! Information products continue to be hot sellers online and if you haven’t added either of these lucrative income stream to your business model yet, you’re missing out. You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not tapping into the iBook’s wildly popular Apple market and the Nook’s stratosphere. Along with the Step by Step Guides comes the NOOK tutorials including Formatting your ebook, uploading, selling, and sales report & getting paid. That’s an additional 20 pages of training and instruction so you can get your ebook up and running on these additional platforms.
Bonus #2 EZ Ebook Templates package (Value $37)

Attention Current Ebook Authors & Aspiring Ebook Authors. Make your Ebooks look stunning And professional with EZ Ebook Templates. Psst. . . .There’s a reason why we call them ‘EZ’ (Specially Designed to work exclusively with OpenOffice Writer –Free Software) Additionally, 100 PDF Templates for Word. If you’d like to create your PDF files from Microsoft Word documents, then this is perfect for you! Just add your text and, hey-presto, stunning looking PDFs without the hassle! All that’s required is that you use Microsoft Word Used together with your free PDF software, creating professional-looking PDF files will be a breeze!  The MS Word Pre-Formatted Kindle Template
Bonus #3 Virtual Plastic: How to Process Credit Cards ($19.97)
It’s a fact, everyone uses credit cards. You absolutely must get on the band wagon or you’re going to lose 95% or more of your potential sales!This bonus ebook is the Definitive Guide To Accepting, Setting Up & Processing Online Payments Overnight On A Shoe String Budget. Through This New Report You Can Learn How To Quickly & Easily Start Accepting Online Payments With No Head Aches!
Platinum Class: Kindle Bestsellers Toolkit 
Specialized information to help you make the climb to an Amazon Bestsellers List. Everyone gets a Prep to Publish to a Bestseller. But only the first 20 action takers get the Kindle Bestsellers Toolkit module with:
  • Kindle Bestsellers Toolkit
  • Kindle Bestsellers Checklist
  • Kindle Bestsellers Qtips Collection
  • Kindle Bestsellers Blueprint
Creating your ebook will provide you with the competitive edge you need to be unique in the world’s marketplace. And when you get the “ and bonuses worth $190 you’ll receive all the necessary tools to publish your ebook in excellence.If you are looking for a step by step guide to turn your knowledge into a profit center, you’ve come to the right place. The “Ebookitology Course & Membership” will increase your brand awareness, help you become an expert in your field, and earn money while you sleep.Don’t let this offer get past you —Act Now! before this offer ends. Remember, when you get the Ebookitology Kindle Course & Membership, you’ll get extra bonuses that are yours to keep.

Bronze Class $197 $97 now

12 Easy Modules, Bonus PDF Tutorials & Expeditor Tool Resources, 1 year access


Platinum Class $297 $147  One Installment

Platinum Class (Special Offer – Limited Time)

All Bronze Class Resources

Kindle Bestseller Toolkit

Lifetime Access. All Updates

eEmail Coaching*


EarmaBrownC100a earmasig112 book authorpreneur, creator of, indie publisher

P.S. Are you ready to get started with profiting from your information this year? All you need is a pass to the membership!” Remember, if you act now before the introductory offer ends at the price of  $197 $97 for the membership! will be one of the smallest investments made to reap such huge benefits and profits.  You may cancel anytime. But most students have been staying a member until they finish their ebook. Also, many choose the 1 year access at $197 $97.

P.P. S. (limited time – special offer: $197 $97 You may ask, why such a good discount? So, glad you were wondering, It’s because I want to make it available to as many as possible during this downturned economy. So, if you’ve been waiting since last year when I made this training available, go ahead today is your day. Sign up before Sunday! Because even if you want to pay regular price after Sunday, it’s still good training for anyone ready to finally release their message and mission in an eBook. Act Now!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the great response coming in to this offer, $197 $97 only Special Offer could end at anytime. If you wait, it may be too late. Get in on this offer while you can! Sign up your admission to course & membership! How to Profit From Your Passion with Ebooks & More  right now for just $97 and you’ll be on your way to changing your life with your very own ebook(s). It will be one of the smallest investments made into your marketing to reap such HUGE benefits and profits. Just think at no risk you can start implementing the marketing strategies with finally your own books. The 30-Day No Questions gives you a trial period to put the principles into practice. *eMail Coaching – one question per week day via membership support until ebook is live up to 1 year.

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